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Covid-19 Risk Assessments

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Do you know if your workers should be vaccinated?

In many workplaces Covid-19 vaccination is a difficult topic.


While respecting workers’ rights to choose, it is also clear that some roles require a vaccinated worker to manage Covid-19 risks to the worker and others in the work place.

To identify if a role requires a vaccinated worker, a risk assessment of the role should be carried out. Having this performed by a specialist third party can provide benefits in fairness, objectivity and process robustness.

We are fast, effective Health and Safety experts in risk assessments. 

 Contact us to: ​

  • Assess the Covid-19 risks in your workplace

  • Assess the Covid-19 risks to each role/ worker in your workplace

  • Provide recommendations

  • Offer reassessment and monitoring

Single role documented risk assessments start at $200 and can be completed in a matter of days. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

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Are your workers  vaccinated? 

Should they be



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Covid-19 Advice

Covid-19 Advice and Assessments

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Is your business 

Covid-19 Safe?


Is your Covid-19 Safety Plan compliant?

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The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has been affecting the way the world lives and works since December 2019. 

While New Zealand initially followed an elimination strategy we are now working towards living with Covid-19 and using vaccinations as one of the ways to control the risks. 

It's up to you to keep your workplace, your workers and your clients safe from Covid-19 - we are here to help!

 Contact us for:

Covid-19 Advice and Support

We understand the Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Lights) and each of the levels (Red, Orange and Green). We understand how these will affect your business. Book a consult with us to:

  • Understand the Red, Orange and Green levels of the Covid-19 Protection Framework

  • Understand which roles in your business require your workers to be vaccinated

  • Understand the requirements that apply to your business 

  • Design workable and compliant Covid-19 Safety Plans

Covid-19 Assessments

We will assess your current Covid-19 Safety Plan – to see if what you have in place is correct and working well. We can conduct your risk assessments to ensure you're keeping your staff and customers safe. We will:

  • Identify Risks

  • Assess Risks

  • Control Risks

  • Implement a Monitoring System for Risks


Also see the business resources on Unite Against Covid-19 - the official NZ government website. 


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