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Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

Policies and Procedures

In NZ your business is required to have specific Health and Safety Policy and Procedure documentation in place. This is to meet your Health and Safety obligations under the NZ Health and Safety at Work Act and associated Regulations. We have an in-depth understanding of what these are and can assess whether your business is compliant or not. ​


We create documentation starting from $300, or review and update what you currently have in place, in order to ensure your legal compliance. ​

 Contact us for: ​

  • Manuals 

  • Policy Statements 

  • Worker Training Programmes

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Equipment Maintenance Procedures 

  • Monitoring Health and Safety in the Workplace 

  • Worker Participation 

  • Hazardous Substances Management 

  • Hazard Management Procedures

  • Accident and Investigation Procedures 

  • Emergency Procedures

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Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
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Are you compliant? 

You need 

Policy and Procedures

Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Safe Operating Procedures for machinery and equiptment

Are your workers safe? 

You need 

Safe Operating Procedures

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Do your workers use machinery or potentially dangerous equipment? Whether it's a forklift, circular saw or lawnmower, you need to know that they are trained to use it safely.


While this can be part of worker training, smart businesses also create Safe Operating Procedures (SOP's). These ensure that machinery and equipment are understood and that workers are competent users who also acknowledge their own safety and the safety of others. 

 Contact us for: 

  • SOP Reviews,

  • New SOP's which:

    • Are machine/ equipment specific

    • Are clear, concise and thorough 

    • Incorporate both user manual instructions and company policy 

    • Identify:

      • Machinery/ equipment ​

      • Hazards and risks 

      • PPE requirements 

      • Safe Operating Procedures - step by step 

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Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)

Are your workers going to work on a work site for a new project?


Did you know that you are required to have a Site Specific Safety Plan for every site your workers work on?

A SSSP shows the site, the site safety plan and safety rules, the emergency procedures, the PPE, the hazards and risks and much much more. 


Let us create this for you! 

 Contact us for: ​


​Your next SSSP which includes: 

  • ​​Site specific procedures 

  • Hazard Boards 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Site specific Emergency Procedures and contact details 

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Site Specific Safety Plan
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Working on a Specific Site? 

You need a


Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

Risk Assessments

Risk Assement Hazards and Risks

Know your hazards? 

You need 

Risk Assessments!

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Every business in NZ needs to show that it understands the risks and hazards present in their workplace and faced by its workers.


These risk and hazards need to be identified, assessed, controlled and monitored. 


There are a number of ways to do this, depending on your business and the risks it faces. 

Let’s work together to eliminate or minimise the risks and hazards in your workplace! 

 Contact us for: ​

  • Hazard Registers

  • Job Safety Analyses (JSA's)

  • Task Analyses (TA’s)

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

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Risk Assessments
Food Control Plans
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