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Health and Safety Policies & Procedures 

In NZ your business is required to have specific procedures and documentation in place. This is to meet your Health and Safety obligations under the NZ Health and Safety at Work Act and associated Regulations. We have an in-depth understanding of what these are and can assess whether your business is compliant or not. 

We create documentation starting from $300, or review and update what you currently have in place, in order to ensure your legal compliance. 


  • Health and Safety Manuals 

  • Health and Safety Policy Statements 

  • Worker Training Programmes

  • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

  • Equipment Maintenance Procedures 

  • Monitoring Health and Safety in the Workplace 

  • Worker Participation 

  • Hazardous Substances Management 

  • Hazard Management Procedures

  • Accident and Investigation Procedures 

  • Emergency Procedures

Are you HSWA compliant? 


We'll ensure you are!

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