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Health and Safety Meetings

Health and Safety Meetings

No matter which industry you’re in, the HSWA requires you to hold regular Health and Safety Meetings to ensure staff participation and engagement in injury prevention. 


We have worked with directors, executives, middle management, team leaders, workers, contractors - in offices, on work sites and any workplace.

We understand the divide between one worker's concerns and another's, or between the expectations of the PCBU vs what is practical out in the field.


Health and Safety meetings bridge those gaps! 

 Contact us to: ​

  • Facilitate your Health and Safety Meetings 

  • Encourage open and honest discussions 

  • Improve Health and Safety in your business 

  • Be HSWA compliant 

  • Have Health and Safety Meeting documentation

  • Increase worker participation and engagement

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Health and Safety Meetings
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Just 'ticking boxes'? 

You need meaningful

H&S Meetings

Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox Meetings

Are your workers participating? 

You need 

Toolbox Meetings

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Every NZ work site needs to hold regular Toolbox Meetings to make sure workers are participating in Health and Safety in their workplace and are aware of the hazards.


These meetings, and their attendance, need to be documented.


Let us take this off your plate - we'll ensure you have the right documentation and that the content of the meetings is practical, clear, relevant and effective.


We can even run the meetings for you!

 Contact us to: ​

  • Increase worker participation in Toolbox meetings 

  • Increase awareness of worksite

    • Hazards

    • Risks

    • Safe Operating Procedures

    • Best practice and training

  • Create/complete the HSWA required documentation 

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Toolbox Meetings

Health and Safety Inductions

If your workers don’t know how to stay safe, or don’t agree to your health and safety policies and procedures, you cannot ensure their safety in your business.

That's why you need to provide Health and Safety Inductions. We can provide the knowledge you need, and create the documentation.

Or we can even come onsite and conduct these for you.  

 Contact us to: ​


  • Review your existing Health and Safety Inductions 

  • Update your existing Health and Safety Inductions

  • Create new Health and Safety Inductions 

  • Run your Health and Safety Inductions for you 

Whether you're in an office or need this for your project's Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) we will make sure you have the right H&S Company induction for your business. One that your workers sign-on to. 

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Health and Safety Inductions
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Are your workers safe? 


Health & Safety Inductions

Health and Safety Inductions

Risk Assessments

Risk Assement Hazards and Risks

Know your hazard? 

You need 

Risk Assessments!

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Every business in NZ needs to show that it understands the risks and hazards present in their workplace and faced by its workers.


These risk and hazards need to be identified, assessed, controlled and monitored. 


There are a number of ways to do this, depending on your business and the risks it faces. 

Let’s work together to eliminate or minimise the risks and hazards in your workplace! 

 Contact us for: ​

  • Hazard Registers

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA's)

  • Task Analyses (TA’s)

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

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Risk Assessments


When an accident or incident takes place in your business you are required to investigate it.

You are also required to document your investigations and provide transparent and concise information to WorkSafe when requested. 


Let our independent investigators carry out in-depth and meaningful investigations so you can focus on learning.


Together we'll create a safer workplace, reducing the likelihood of accidents reoccurring. 

 Contact us to: ​

  • Investigate accidents and incidents 

  • Liaise with WorkSafe 

  • Identify corrective actions 

  • Update procedures and processes 

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Health and Safety Investigations
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Accident? Incident 

You need to

Investigate it!

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