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Safe Operating Procedures

Do your workers use machinery or potentially dangerous equipment?  Whether it's a forklift, circular saw or lawnmower, you need to know that they are trained to use it safely.


While this can be part of standard worker training, smart businesses also create Safe Operating Procedures (SOP's). These ensure that machinery and equipment are understood and that workers are competent users who also acknowledge their own safety and the safety of others. 

  • SOP Reviews,

  • New SOP's which:

    • Are machine/ equipment specific

    • Are clear, concise and thorough 

    • Incorporate both user manual instructions and company policy 

    • Identify:

      • Machinery/ equipment ​

      • Hazards and risks 

      • PPE requirements 

      • Safe Operating Procedures - step by step 

Are your workers safe? 

Put clear Safe Operating Procedures in place!

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