Health and Safety Audits

Health and Safety auditing is one of the best ways to ensure your business is compliant. It shows whether what you expect is happening in your business is actually happening.


Is your workplace as safe as you think?

We've audited over 100 businesses across all industries in the last five years and have seen it all. Our experienced consultants ensure auditing is objective. We send our consultants at a time that suits you to conduct Physical Workplace Audits or Health and Safety Documentation Audits.

 Contact us for: ​

  • Physical Workplace Audits 

    • ​Any workplace audits! Offices / Sites/  Warehouses 
      (we audit from the office floor/site to all facilities, car parks & storage spaces in between) 


    • Receive your comprehensive online report outlining: 

      • ​Whether obligations are being met ​

      • Required improvements 

      • Specific recommendations and advice 


  • Health and Safety Documentation Audits ​

    • ​Check you have all legally required documentation

    • Audit all documents

    • Conduct an independent review

    • Receive a professional report with practical steps to compliance

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Health and Safety Audits


Health and Safety Investigations

When an accident or incident takes place in your business you are required to investigate it.

You are also required to document your investigations and provide transparent and concise information to WorkSafe when requested. 


Let our independent investigators carry out in-depth and meaningful investigations so you can focus on learning.


Together we'll create a safer workplace, reducing the likelihood of accidents reoccurring. 

 Contact us to: ​


  • Investigate accidents and incidents 

  • Liaise with WorkSafe 

  • Identify corrective actions 

  • Update procedures and processes 

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Health and Safety Prequalifications

If you’ve just won a contract you may want assistance with completing your clients Health and Safety prequalification documentation.

Contact us, we do this often!


It's one less thing for you to think about.


 Contact us to: 

  • Complete your Health and Safety Documentation

  • Complete your Health and Safety Forms

  • Coordinate your internal teams

  • Liaise with your client on your behalf

  • Get your prequalification sorted! 

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Health and Safety Prequalifications

Health and Safety Inductions

Health and Safety Inductions

If your workers don’t know how to stay safe, or don’t agree to your health and safety policies and procedures, you cannot ensure their safety in your business.

That's why you need to provide Health and Safety Inductions. We can provide the knowledge you need, and create the documentation.

Or we can even come onsite and conduct these for you.  

 Contact us to: ​


  • Review your existing Health and Safety Inductions 

  • Update your existing Health and Safety Inductions

  • Create new Health and Safety Inductions 

  • Run your Health and Safety Inductions for you 

Whether you're in an office or need this for your project's Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) we will make sure you have the right H&S Company induction for your business. One that your workers sign-on to. 

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Contractor Management

Contractor Management

Do you have contractors or subcontractors completing some of your project on your company’s behalf?


Are they compliant?


Let us do the leg work, we’ll gather all the required information to ensure they’re doing their bit on your site.


So that your worksite is safe!


 Contact us for: ​


  • Contractor management

  • Contractor induction

  • Contractor agreements and forms

  • Contractor monitoring and evaluation

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Policy and Procedures

In NZ your business is required to have specific Health and Safety Policy and Procedure documentation in place. This is to meet your Health and Safety obligations under the NZ Health and Safety at Work Act and associated Regulations. We have an in-depth understanding of what these are and can assess whether your business is compliant or not. ​


We create documentation starting from $300, or review and update what you currently have in place, in order to ensure your legal compliance. ​

 Contact us for: ​

  • Manuals 

  • Policy Statements 

  • Worker Training Programmes

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Equipment Maintenance Procedures 

  • Monitoring Health and Safety in the Workplace 

  • Worker Participation 

  • Hazardous Substances Management 

  • Hazard Management Procedures

  • Accident and Investigation Procedures 

  • Emergency Procedures

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Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Enforceable Undertakings

Have you been issued with an Enforceable Undertaking by WorkSafe?


Get one of our consultants in to assist in the preparation of and implementation of the requirements.


We can liaise with WorkSafe and the stakeholders to coordinate the work streams and execute the requirements for you.


So you can get on with business. 

 Contact us to: ​

  • Liaise with the stakeholders

  • Coordinate the work streams 

  • Create documentation 

  • Implement any new programs 

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Enforceable Undertakings

Food Control Plans

Food Safety Food Control Plans

New Zealand's Food Act 2014 requires any business making or selling food to do so safely. One of the best ways to ensure your food business is safe is to have Food Control Plans.

Are you a retirement village, day care, kindergarten, early childhood education centre (ECE) or any other business making or selling food? 

We have in-depth first-hand knowledge to support you prior to assessment and provide advice on implementation and management of Food Control Plans for your business.​

 Contact us for: ​

  • A Food Control Plan form 

  • Support and advice on the National Food Plan requirements 

  • Food Safety advice 


Let us do this for you, so you can get on with making or selling food.

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Test and Tag

Need your tools, electrical equipment and cables tested and tagged?

Our consultants are trained and competent to test and tag on your site or at your workplace.

And to save time and money - let us test and tag your equipment while we're already auditing or carrying out a risk assessment.

 Contact us 

It just makes sense!

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