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Our Values

We live and breathe these! 

Fern Plant

We believe that transparency and trust are the absolute cornerstones of success – for our clients and their businesses. In the spirit of transparency and trust we have written up our core values. Our core values underpin everything we do to in our mission to make Health and Safety easy. We are passionate about these values and committed to upholding them.

 At Coordinate we are: 

+ Confident

At Coordinate we provide professional Health and Safety services, support, and advice that we have complete confidence in. We are confident that our work is relevant, honest, real, and thorough. Our clients can attest that we make Health and Safety easy. Our clients trust us to deliver excellent Health and Safety systems. We stand by each and every Health and Safety system we have put in place. We can do this because we are confident that the solutions we create are of a top notch standard.



At Coordinate we believe that “Great things in business are never done by one person: they’re done by a team” (Steve Jobs). We have an experienced, educated, and diverse team of consultants. We link to many networks to make sure that the knowledge we have is vast and deep. We work together and share ideas – and we collaborate with our clients.



At Coordinate we are conscientious, which means we are diligent, responsible, honest, principled, punctual and reliable. If we weren’t, our clients would not return time and time again. We provide excellent customer care which our clients have come to expect. Being conscientious also means that if we don’t know the answer to your question, we will tell you – and then we’ll find it for you. Because we value honesty, we also expect the same from the businesses we work with – let’s work together in complete transparency.


+Communicators (Extraordinaire)

At Coordinate we know that strong relationships are built on a foundation of excellent communication. We will always communicate clearly and openly and ensure that the way we communicate works for our clients. Our clients may prefer phone calls to emails, or meetings to phone calls – whatever works for them works for us. Likewise, we appreciate clients with excellent communication.


+Community-minded & Eco-friendly

At Coordinate we care about our community and beautiful NZ environment. While our first meeting will usually be in person, we often hold follow up meetings via Zoom or phone calls - to limit our carbon footprint. We won’t supply you with screeds of paper print outs (unless you request this) and we won’t encourage you to buy unnecessary PPE that might end up as landfill. We will also never enter your workplace if we are unwell or sick. Let’s keep our communities and our little piece of paradise as safe and healthy as we possibly can.

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