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9 Reasons for Food Safety Support - By Claire Raoult

I have been running The French Rendezvous Café at the lakefront near the Pumphouse in Takapuna for the last 10 years and have always had an A grade food safety rating.

I’ve been a centre cook in Early Childhood Education.

I love food.

And I loved seeing people enjoy the food I prepare.

I’m also a fully qualified nurse with over 10 years’ experience working in emergency departments and rehabilitation clinics and am now a fully qualified Health and Safety consultant. So I’m all about Health and Safety.

My focus this last month for Coordinate Ltd has been to assist a large Early Childhood Education with bringing their Food Safety practices up to scratch to ensure they achieved their accreditation – and I’ve loved every minute!

I was able to apply all that I know and all that I am passionate about.

I sat down last night and jotted down the 9 reasons to get specialised Food Safety support:

  1. It reduces verification services costs

  2. Your staff can focus on running the kitchen professionally

  3. Your staff will be supported to correctly apply MPI requirements

  4. National Plan refresher training helps keep food safety top of mind

  5. Your cooks and cook relievers will know how to handle and serve food safely

  6. Your people will understand reporting and take immediate action if something goes wrong (allergies.. to contamination)

  7. Food safety support includes regular visits and audits - to make sure you pass the food safety verification

  8. Food Safety becomes REAL in your business - not a box ticking exercise

  9. You can drop the number of inspections – meaning your next inspection isn't in 6 months’ time but perhaps in 3 years’ time instead.

Let’s make your food safety (and your fast and cost effective accreditation!) a priority!

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